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Baraka has started operating in 1979, as one of the subsidiary brands of Baraka Industrial Group.

Today, with more than 40 years of experience in the field of chocolate production, we have been able to implement from zero to one hundred production processes and by producing more than 40 types of various products, we are known as one of the largest producers of chocolate in Iran. Baraka has also made a significant contribution to the country’s exports by exporting chocolate to neighboring countries.

Baraka chocolate has become the safest option for choosing dear customers thanks to the commitment and efforts of the senior management and professional staff of this company. Baraka products bring guaranteed quality, pure taste of high quality chocolate and beautiful and unique packaging for dear consumers.



Organizational perspective 

Baraka produces its products using only the highest quality raw materials;

 The best machines, the safest methods and the most accurate standards continue to be able to confidently provide specialized chocolate products to chocolate lovers and as the leading brand in the production of chocolate products in Iran to gain first place in the minds of customers and in their shopping cart.





Barshin :

Also, Baraka Industrial Group in 1396 started to produce a new line of cotton and started selling products and presenting them to the market since 1398 under the Barshin brand.



Baraka Industrial Group :

Baraka Chocolate is a mobile trading partner for food production units.

The range of high quality industrial chocolates and competitive prices has given another color to Baraka’s presence in the industrial chocolate market.