Human resources

The driving force of any organization is undoubtedly its capable staff and personnel

Our vision

Manpower is the most important asset of organizations and the higher the desired quality, the more success, growth and excellence of the organization. Therefore, paying attention to hiring the most specialized people and improving the quality of human resources in the organization is of particular importance, because this action has mutual benefits for the organization and individuals. One of the hallmarks of one organization over another is having a committed workforce. The presence of committed employees enhances the image of the organization in the community and provides the ground for its growth and development. At Baraka, we see progress in the development of human resources.

Employment in Baraka

At Baraka, we have recruited new personnel to advance the world today and to use specialized manpower. You can, according to the sections where Baraka needs specialized and committed staff in the form below and submit your request.

Baraka Factory

Rezvan Chocolate Company, with the aim of providing the best service to esteemed Iranian customers and consumers, has produced more than 40 different types of products by using quality raw materials, efficient production technology, and productive human capital. The result of the efforts of the hardworking staff of this company, the knowledgeable management and also the grace and mercy of God, today has made this chocolate one of the top producers of chocolate in Iran.

What makes Baraka Chocolate the safest option to choose today is only in the shadow of the commitment and efforts of the senior management and committed personnel of this company, which brings a gift of beautiful and unique packaging, pure taste of high quality chocolate and guaranteed quality for consumption. Dear contributors.

منابع انسانی باراکا